Why I Hate ‘Reply All’

I serve on several client teams and volunteer committees. We communicate a lot via email and often get copied via ‘Reply All’. I hate that. I really do.

Recently, I received 5 different emails, each responding to a question about being available for the next meeting that should have only gone to the sender via ‘Reply Sender’. They were too lazy or inept to do the right thing. Duhhh! How annoying!I bet many of you feel the same way.

On occasion, when I let the teenage Sicilian in me out to play, I tell those people how lame their responses are. It feels great for the moment and, frankly, I don’t feel any guilt afterwards.

So, avoid getting one of those ‘hose-a-grams’ from me by never responding ‘Reply All’ when none of us need to see it. Now, that won’t be too hard for you, will it?