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Whatever your profession, you also need to be a professional communicator. ETC is pleased to share these essential Bits & Pieces to help you polish those skills.

Why I Hate ‘Multiple’

When did ‘multiple’ become the new ‘many’? ‘Multiple’ means ‘very many of the same thing.’ But so do ‘ many’, ‘several’ and ‘numerous’. These words are just as clear or clearer than ‘multiple’ without so many other meanings and sounding a little pompous. 

So, the next time you find yourself about to write or say ‘multiple’, try using ‘many’ instead. Better yet – shift from vague to specific by using a number, like ‘four’. I’d love that choice.


Networking with Uncommon Courtesy

A reader recently asked for some simple tips to network with more courtesy and to avoid coming off like a ‘slug’ at networking events. Read More »

Phil’s Faves – Vague

 I appreciate the positive feedback from readers that indicated periodically sharing key concepts from my training and coaching engagements is both useful and interesting. So, add this one to your ‘Best of Phil’ list.

Avoid vague words or references. Otherwise, you leave it up to your readers to define what you mean. And they may come up with a different definition than you would have.

And … true to my rant about always identifying the people you quote:

Phil Stella, 21st century entrepreneur, communication consultant & executive coach


Why I Hate Unidentified Callers

How often do you get calls where your Caller-ID indicates ‘unidentified caller’,’unknown number’ or ‘cellular call’? Happens to me a lot and I hate it. Actually, I should be glad I have Caller-ID to screen theses probably junk calls and help me ignore them. They usually don’t leave a message, either. And the few that do ask me to call them without indicating who they are or why they want me to reply. DUHHH! Read More »

 Hook Up With HARO

If you write articles or contribute to blogs as simple ways of promoting your expertise and your business, hook up with HARO (Help A Reporter Out).  It’s is a global service that connects reporters, journalists and bloggers with content experts like you … for free. Read More »

Courteous Fave

I talk a lot about Uncommon Courtesy in my communication workshops. Here’s something you could have heard in one of the.

 Project uncommon courtesy with every outgoing phone call by saying these five magic words within the first 10 seconds – ‘Is this a good time?                         

And you can quote me –

Phil Stella, 21st century entrepreneur, communication consultant & executive coach

Why I Love Uncommon Phone Courtesy

Here’s a simple phone technique that will differentiate you from most other people when you make a simple call. It works very well whether you’re following up on meeting someone at a networking event, returning a call or simply asking a question: Read More »

A Phil’s Fave About Phones

Here’s another example of an oft-heard concept from one of my Time Management workshops or presentations.  

 ‘Don’t keep saying the phone interrupts you. It doesn’t. You interrupt you when you decide to answer the phone. So … accept responsibility for your own counter-productive behavior.’                                        

(And … remembering my rant about always identifying the people you quote … )

Phil Stella, 21st century entrepreneur, communication consultant & executive coach


Harness Phone Power

What you say on the pone and how you say it says volumes about your credibility, competence and confidence. So, harness the Power of your Phone whenever you talk to customers: Read More »

Why I Hate Titles

While skimming some LinkedIn postings recently, I encountered a person who was seriously title-happy. After his name was ‘… MBA, BA, BS, NP, MPM.’ Wow – aren’t you impressed with his credentials!  Read More »