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Why I Hate Titles

I hate titles … I really do. And I especially hate title-happy people.

While skimming some LinkedIn postings recently, I encountered a person who was seriously title-happy. After his name was ‘… MBA, BA, BS, NP, MPM.’ Wow – aren’t you impressed with his credentials! Read More »

Why I Hate ‘Reply All’

I serve on several client teams and volunteer committees. We communicate a lot via email and often get copied via ‘Reply All’. I hate that. I really do.

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Why I Love ‘Escalator’ Speeches

While I never get tired of ranting about lame Elevator Speeches, I also never tire of sharing effective ‘Escalator’ Speeches.

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Why I Hate ‘Phone Interruptions’

Here’s another signature comment:

Please stop saying ‘that phone interrupted me’. No, that call didn’t interrupt you. You deciding to answer that call interrupted you. Accept responsibility for your actions and stop blaming an inanimate object for your problems. Read More »

Why I Hate ‘No Problem’

I’m really getting tired of ranting about this issue, but it looks like my work here is far from over!

Why do so many people respond to ‘Thank you.’ with ‘No Problem.’ today? I doubt that many of them felt that the act I just thanked them for was, in fact, a problem. Maybe it would usually be a problem, but not this time. Or maybe a problem with other people, but not me. Read More »

Why I Love the Three Es

I really love the ‘Power of the Three Es’. Your workplace audiences expect and deserve presentations that are ‘Effective, Efficient and Engaging’, so don’t let them down.

And remember the ‘Fourth E’, so necessary to achieve those results – Effort.

Why I Love Proper Quotes

I love using quotes in my writing and presentations – I really do.They can add sizzle, credibility or perspective to the message. However, I’m adamant about including author details.

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Why I hate ‘Quote-Unquote

How often do you hear people use this phrase in conversation, in presentations or even on TV? It’s both incorrect and lame. Remember that ‘un’ means ‘not’ – it doesn’t mean ‘no longer’ or ‘end’ in this context.

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Why I Hate 3 x 5 Note Cards

Very high on my list of Workplace Presenter ‘Worst Practices’ is using the simple, seemingly innocent little 3 x 5 note cards for speaker notes. They’re way too small to be of much value.

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Why I Love ‘Plus/Delta’ Feedback

Giving constructive feedback is an essential management skill that escapes most supervisors. Feedback is all about helping people get better at what they’re doing. Effective feedback is neither positive or negative – it’s just information – information that is specific, observable, helpful, timely and focused.

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