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Stand and Deliver

How you stand when delivering an in-person presentation can harness physical power and project confidence, credibility and competence to the audience … or not. Because your audience only knows what it sees, your stance can be a great natural visual aid. It can also show nervousness or lack of confidence very quickly and clearly. So … look the part you’re playing – a confident and credible presenter.

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My Employees Stink at Communicating!

Looks like we hit a nerve last month with the first piece in this limited series. We had fun sticking it to bosses who are poor workplace communicators. At least, I had fun.

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Pete Prevails: Zooming Through Sales Pitches – II

Last month, we introduced you to Pete Andrews, who was just asked to fill in for a colleague and deliver a Foonman Enterprises important sales pitch … virtually. He quickly reviewed the department’s ‘Sales Presentation Best Practices’ document and made sure he checked all the important boxes. His pitch was ready to rock.

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To Write … Or Not To Write? That is the Question.

Previous articles about workplace writing in ‘Communicate Confidently!‘ have discussed the all-important Pre-Write phase: Plan What You Write. You ask four defining questions about each document before you start writing:
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Why does my boss stink at communicating?

(This piece from ‘Phil’s All-Time Hits, Vol. 1’ just ran in the Council of Smaller Enterprises ‘Mind Your Business’ e-Letter.)   

A reader recently asked me, “Why doe my boss stink at communicating?” The short answer to this recurring question is that communication skills weren’t on the ‘Boss Test’. Read More »

Pete Prevails: Zooming Through Sales Pitches – I

Foonman Enterprises Senior Sales Rep Pete Andrews arrived at work early Tuesday so he could help his boss Tony prepare for the big sales pitch to Glitz’O’Matic that afternoon. He hadn’t even gotten his coffee when Marketing VP Ralph burst into his cubicle. Read More »

Make Your Pitches Painless

Do you ever experience pain when you pitch business? Do you cause some pain for your prospects as a result of those pitches? If you answered ‘yes‘ to either question, then read and heed these 10 Best Practices for creating Painless Sales Pitches. Read More »

Why I Love the Three Es

I really love the ‘Power of the Three Es’. Your workplace audiences expect and deserve presentations that are ‘Effective, Efficient and Engaging’, so don’t let them down.

And remember the ‘Fourth E’, so necessary to achieve those results – Effort.

Your Ideal Next Job

(As we gradually emerge from Covid 19 WFH, some people begin looking for better jobs. So, it made sense to offer a second helping of this excellent piece from two years ago. Enjoy this trip down memory lane.)

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Dumbest Networking Question

Many of you were taught that there aren’t any dumb questions. Sorry to spoil your fantasy, but there are plenty of dumb questions.

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