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That’s Really a Dumb Question!

And speaking of questions, let’s look at questions in a networking context. You know that old adage, ‘There’s no such thing as a dumb question’? Sorry to spoil your fantasy, but that’s wrong. Read More »

Does Your Q&A Suck?

As we continue examining your workplace presentations to see if they suck or not, let’s turn to an often-under prepared part of your total message – handling audience questions. Read More »

Dog & Pony Show Best Practices

My rant last month generated some lively and interesting comments. Always a good thing. Some readers asked for immediate help, which I provided privately. Others were content to wait until this month for part II – ‘Dog & Pony Show Best Practices’ … or ‘How to Avoid a Team-Delivered Presentation (TDP) from Hell!’ Read More »

Beware of Dog & Pony Show Pitches from Hell!

Team-Delivered Sales Pitches (TDSPs) are still common in the marketplace today – some are effective, efficient and engaging sales messages. But, unfortunately, too many become ‘Dog & Pony Show Pitches from Hell‘. What pushes them over the edge is poor planning and preparation, just as with other types of workplace presentations. Read More »

Do Your Emails Suck?

Your routine workplace emails might suck if you ignore the reality that every note you send a customer, colleague or manager can project your image of professionalism, competency and courtesy – or detract from it. Read More »

Does Your Message Still Suck?

Last month’s feature on ‘Message in the Middle’ was a real hit, based on reader comments and questions. As promised, here are some message-related Best Practices to help you make sure your message still doesn’t suck: Read More »

Become a ‘Platinum Rule’ Workplace Communicator!

Many business professionals diligently attempt to practice the ‘Golden Rule’ at work that we all learned as youngsters. A workplace communication version of that philosophy would be ‘Communicate with other people the way you want them to communicate with you.’  While a nice warm and fuzzy concept, a quick reality check indicates two serious flaws in the logic: the ‘Golden Rule’ assumes ‘everyone is the same and that ‘everyone is the same as you.’ Read More »

WordPower – Does Good Writing Really Matter?

This edition of ‘WordPower’ deals with the impact of poor workplace writing skills. Here’s a summary of a conversation I had with a business reporter on this topic. Read More »

Does Your Message Suck?

The last two months we’ve discussed powerful audience-centric presentation Introductions and Summaries, as if the two book ends holding your presentation together. So, now let’s focus on what’s left – your powerful Message in the Middle. Read More »

Painless Sales Pitches

Do you ever experience pain when you pitch business? Do you cause some pain for your prospects as a result of those pitches? If you answered yes to either question, then read these Best Practices for creating Painless Sales Pitches. Read More »