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From Suck … to Sizzle

Back in January, I began a year-long series discussing the broad question, ‘Does your presentation suck’. Rather than make a statement like ‘Your presentations suck’, I opted to ask lots of diagnostic question instead so you could decide for yourself if your presentations suck and, if so, how much.  Read More »

WordPower – Your Laughable Redundancies

We’ve gotten into some sloppy habits regarding redundancy. While this tendency may not be a major problem in verbal or written communication, it does waste words and the result is often amusing. Unless you’re a comedian, you probably don’t want people chuckling about what you say or write. So, here are some reminders: Read More »

Your Networking’s Value Proposition

A business reporter sought me out recently for some comments on Networking’s Value Proposition for small businesses. Here’s a summary of that conversation: Read More »

Why I Hate 3 x 5 Note Cards

Very high on my list of Workplace Presenter ‘Worst Practices’ is using the simple, seemingly innocent little 3 x 5 note cards for speaker notes. They’re way too small to be of much value. Good idea for high school debaters or for storing recipes maybe, but not for workplace presenter notes. And, if you do use a large-enough type that’s easy to read quickly, you’ll need a lot of the cards and will spend way too much time changing them … or picking them up when you drop them. Read More »

Network with Uncommon Courtesy

A reader recently asked for some simple tips to network with more courtesy and to avoid coming off like a ‘slug’ at networking events. My comments.
Read More »

Slay the Impromptu Dragon!

Has this ever happened to you? Emma arrived at work early, got a cup of coffee and settled into tackling her highest priority task of the day. When, out of nowhere, her boss Bob approached her cubicle and asked the question that strikes fear in the hearts most employees, ‘Hi Emma … you busy?’
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You’re Not Listening!

(Looks like it’s time for my annual rant about poor listening skills in the workplace.)

As workplace communicators, we obviously spend a lot of time each day communicating verbally. Therefore, we spend a lot of time listening … or should. Problem is, we don’t listen very well. Especially those of us Type A Driver Entrepreneurs. Sound familiar? We regularly fall victim to one or more of these seven Barriers to Listening: Read More »

No-Budget Marketing

Marketing for entrepreneurs is always a challenge, especially with no budget for someone else to do it. Here’s a summary of simple best practices that will help you out-think the competition. Read More »

Surviving Q&A

 For the last two months, we’ve done a deep dive into the rough seas of audience questions and discussed several strategies for when to handle them. Now, dive even deeper to discuss how to handle them. What you do with audience questions has a critical impact on your results, often more than the overall content itself. Here are some Best Practices to help you Survive and Thrive during the Audience Q&A. Read More »

What if You’re Not the Prospect’s Best Choice?

As regular readers may recall, I’m a resident expert on sales pitches for Cleveland’s Council of Smaller EnterprisesMind Your Business’ blog. I recently responded to a question from R.G. in Beachwood  about what you should do if you conclude you’re not the client’s best choice during the fact-gathering conversations. Read More »