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Slides … Use Them With Sizzle!

Let’s assume you’ve just created some Best-in-Class slides – the right number with the right content and the right design – to support your message and add value to the audience experience. Great … now it’s time for you to Use Them with Sizzle! Read More »

Referrals Rule!

Last month, we discussed whether or not you should ask for Referrals, winning Repeat Business and seven tips for how to ‘Nail the Sale’. Now, let’s focus on Internal and External Referrals.   Read More »

Don’t Be a Business Card Loser

I’ve been ranting about business card finesse for over 25 years and I thought by now there would  be no need to keep doing it. I assumed business people would eventually get it, change behavior and stop being losers forever. Apparently, that’s not the case … so here we go again! Read More »

Customer-Centered Marketing

In responding to a reporter’s request for a marketing tip that is both effective and profitable, I indicated that mine was neither new, sexy or high tech. It’s old and simple, yet everything old is new again and simple is always good. My tip is embracing Customer-Centered Marketing. Read More »

Give Your Readers a Break

A very effective Reader-Centric strategy for your workplace writing is to make it very easy for your readers to read, understand and act on your messages. Read More »

Master Marketing R&R

Time to focus on ‘Marketing R&R’— with every sale or engagement, savvy entrepreneurs ask themselves ‘How can I earn repeat or referral business?’ The answer is easy to understand but hard to do. So, read on for ‘R&R’ Best Practices. Read More »

Practice Till You Sizzle!

I hate to trash a childhood fantasy, but Practice doesn’t really make Perfect … it only makes Permanent. Only Perfect Practice makes Perfect!

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Listen on Three Levels

Listening? What does listening have to do with your job as hard-working and dynamic business leaders or entrepreneurs? Well … a lot, when you get out of your own box and view your role as a workplace communicator and problem-solver for your internal or external customers. Read More »

Look Here To Know Who I Am

One of the simplest tools in your Power Networking Tool Kit is the humble little Name Tag you wear at networking events. Everyone uses them, but few people do so strategically to add to a positive first impression and enhance their networking process. Really … I’m not making this up. Read More »

Q&As that Sizzle

As workplace presenters, you have two basic strategies for handling audience questions – holding them until the end and handling them anytime. Both approaches work, but each has some disadvantages. 

There also are two hybrid strategies that involve the best features of both approaches. So, here’s how to make your Q&As Sizzle!
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