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Delegate Your Way to Success

Time to review the Art and Science of Delegation – an essential leadership skill for entrepreneurs and discuss three important questions.

Why don’t entrepreneurs delegate?

Lots of reasons and they all seem logical at the time: Read More »

Slay the Impromptu Dragon!   

Has this ever happened to you? Emma arrived at work early, got a cup of coffee and settled into tackling her highest priority task of the day. When, out of nowhere, her boss Bob approached her cubicle and asked the question that strikes fear in the hearts most of employees, ‘Hi Emma … you busy?’ Read More »

Why I Hate Elevator Speeches … and So Should You!

Have you ever been at business networking event and heard an amateur networker deliver an ‘Elevator Speech From Hell’? I know I have. Lots of times. You wanted to hit the emergency stop button and escape fast. Read More »

Get Them At Hello! (3/17)

We all learned about the three parts of a speech in high school: the introduction, body and conclusion. You remember … ‘Tell ‘em what you’re gonna say … say it … and tell ‘em what you said.’  Nothing new here.

Each of these three components is important for different reasons, but your Power Intro plays a critical role in the success of your presentation and accomplishing your intended outcomes. On average, it’s less than 10% of your total presentation time. So, with a 30-minute presentation, your intro is three minutes … or less. Read More »

What To Do AFTER Your Elevator Speech (9/18)

As wannabe Power Networkers, many of you polish your finely crafted Elevator Speeches and deliver them with passion and purpose every chance you get. Great.

So, let’s assume you’ve just done that at a professional group meeting or networking event  (once we have the to attend again) … now what do you do? Read More »

 Everything Old Is New Again!

(Best wishes for a successful, safe and happy New Year – may we all get what we want, need and deserve.

‘Communicate Confidently!’  Will run ‘Phil’s All Time Hits, Vol. I’ all year to acquaint newer subscribers with popular content from past years. So, put your shoes on backwards and take a flying leap into the past.) 

Painless Sales Pitches (5/19)

Do you ever experience pain when you pitch business? Do you cause some pain for your prospects as a result of those pitches? If you answered yes to either question, then read these Best Practices for creating Painless Sales Pitches. Read More »

Critical Questions About Your Presentations

For the last two years, we’ve been asking critical questions about your workplace presentations and sales pitches and providing simple Best Practices to answer them.  Read More »

I Hate Networking …. and So Should You!

I hate networking. I really hate it. A rather strange comment coming from the self-proclaimed Godfather of Networking in COSE-land. Yes … but let me explain. Read More »

Zoom Your Way Thru the Pandemic

I recently finished facilitating another on-line module for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program. I’ve used this technology before as an alternative to in-person trainings or meetings. So, I thought it was a good time to share some best practices for using this technology. So, here are 10 tips for zooming your way through this pandemic that I recently experienced first-hand.

Read More »

Presentation Anxiety Revisited

How many of you experience pain when you deliver presentations at work? How many hate speaking in public? I see a lot of hands up, so let’s briefly discuss five simple strategies for managing your Presentation Anxiety. Read More »