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A Great Impression Every Time

Now that we’re getting back into more in-person business and networking events, it’s time to revisit Best Practices for making a Great Impression with the people you meet or talk with. The strategy is really simple and easy, yet the devil is in the details of execution. Read More »

How Good is Your Greeting? (10/19)

I’m tired of ranting about this issue often in ‘Communicate ‘Confidently!’. Unfortunately, the problem still exists and I wonder if I’m the only communication practitioner who cares. So, here I go again … and don’t try to stop me.

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I Hate Networking Slugs … And So Should You (5/19)

I hate Networking Slugs … I really do. And so should you. They typically create very negative first impressions at networking events by doing lots of dumb things. They probably didn’t plan to behave like Slugs and what they do is often out of mindless habit or lack of focus. But, the results are just as lame … and just as annoying.

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Look Here To Know Who I Am

One of the simplest tools in your Power Networking Tool Kit is the humble little Name Tag you wear at networking events. Everyone uses them, but few people do so strategically to add to a positive first impression and enhance their networking process. Really … I’m not making this up. Read More »

Introverts Arise!

I recently got a call from a reader who admitted to being very introverted, but still wanted to improve his networking results.  I thought other introverts might benefit from what we discussed, so here’s the essence of that conversation:

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A Great Impression Every Time

(Back in May, I lead with ‘Why I Hate Networking … ‘. It didn’t take long for readers to figure out that I really only hate lame, ineffective and unfocused networking. And so should you. Now … let’s get back to simple strategies for maximizing your Networking ROI.)

How do you make a great impression on people every time? The answer is really simple and easy, yet the devil is in the details of execution. Read More »

Networking with ‘Uncommon Courtesy’

I used to refer to this concept as networking with ‘common courtesy’. But, just like ‘common sense’, this practice is anything but commonplace in the business world today. One of the fastest and smartest ways to make that best possible first impression when networking is both very simple and very easy. Just display ‘Uncommon Courtesy’ that clearly differentiates you from the pack of amateurs by: Read More »

How’s Your Greeting?

What kind of first impression do your customers and prospects get of your business when they get your Voice Mail greeting? Is it enthusiastic and professional? More important, is it concise and helpful?   Or, does you greeting sound more like this one? Read More »

Shake Well Before Schmoozing

You begin making the very best first impression you can when networking with strangers with a winning smile and good eye contact. Then, continue that positive image with a comfortable handshake.

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Networking Worst Mistakes

I’ve seen a lot of Networking Worst Practices in my 25 plus years of writing and speaking about the topic, but the worst of the worst is making an absolutely terrible first impression on a stranger in less than one minute by delivering an Elevator Speech from Hell!  That happens when pitifully amateur networkers: Read More »