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Why does my company stink at communicating?

Reaction to the last two pieces has been great. Looks like you enjoyed poking fun at both bosses and colleagues who were poor communicators. We concluded that many of them were hired or promoted in spite of their communication skills, rather than because of them.

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Why I Hate ‘No Problem’

I’m really getting tired of ranting about this issue, but it looks like my work here is far from over!

Why do so many people respond to ‘Thank you.’ with ‘No Problem.’ today? I doubt that many of them felt that the act I just thanked them for was, in fact, a problem. Maybe it would usually be a problem, but not this time. Or maybe a problem with other people, but not me. Read More »

‘Platinum Rule’ Communicators Rule! (6/19)

Many business professionals diligently attempt to practice the ‘Golden Rule’ at work that we all learned as youngsters. A workplace communication version of that philosophy would be ‘Communicate with other people the way you want them to communicate with you.’ Read More »

Avoid Workplace Communication Blunders

No matter what you do at work, you spend a lot of time communicating – writing, reading, talking, listening. So, in addition to your job title and responsibilities, you are a Workplace Communicator as well. Major blunders in that process are usually the opposite or absence of these Best Practices: Read More »

Make the Most of Meetings

Treat Workplace Meetings as valuable resources that come with a huge cost. So, as with any resource, make sure you use them effectively and efficiently:

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Make Listening Work

Listening? What does that have to do with your job as a business professional? Well … a lot, when you view your role as a workplace communicator and problem-solver for your internal and/or external customers. Read More »

Harness PhonePower

We all spend a lot of time on the phone, talking with customers, colleagues and vendors. Here are some simple strategies to help you harness the Power of your Phone. And we’re not talking about the high tech features of the device – just how you use it as a communication tool. Read More »

Listening on All Three Levels

Listening? What does listening have to do with your job as hard-working and dynamic business professionals? Well … a lot, when you get out of your own box and view your role as a workplace communicator and problem-solver for your internal or external customers.
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