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Slay the Impromptu Dragon!   

Has this ever happened to you? Emma arrived at work early, got a cup of coffee and settled into tackling her highest priority task of the day. When, out of nowhere, her boss Bob approached her cubicle and asked the question that strikes fear in the hearts most of employees, ‘Hi Emma … you busy?’ Read More »

Gesturing BEST Practices

Looks like you enjoyed our discussion of Gesturing Worst Practices last month. Except, of course, for those of you who thought I was describing what you do – sorry about that! So, how do you gesture more effectively? Fasten your seat belts for a quick spin around Gesturing BEST Practices. Read More »

The Eyes Have It!

If I only had time to teach my executive coaching clients one presentation delivery skill, it would be to maximize their eye contact. Properly done, it produces several positive results for both audiences and presenters. Nothing says more about credibility, power and confidence than what presenters do – and don’t do – with their eyes. Everything else is a ‘B’ priority. So, here’s your quick overview of why The Eyes Have it! Read More »

More on Confidence

‘Present with Confidence – Fear No More’ by Micki Holliday, National Press Publications, 2000.

A quick refresher of basic presentation tactics and strategies.

Speak with Confidence!

Presenting with confidence is critical to your career and business success. It’s that simple. And these contemporary expert professional speakers and authors really get the importance of confidence:

  • ‘Your ability to speak confidently on your feet will impress people and open more doors than you can imagine.’  Brian Tracy, author of ‘The Psychology of Selling’.
  • ‘Not being able to communicate with confidence and skill can barricade the door to success. Susan RoAne, author of ‘How to Work the Room’’.
  • ‘Speaking before a group stresses many otherwise capable people, and as a result their anxiety cripples their careers.’ Dianna Booher, author of’ ‘Speak with Confidence’.
  • ‘If you can’t speak confidently before groups, you’re going nowhere.’ Sherron Bienvenu, Ph.D., author of ‘The Presentation Skills Workshop’.

Presentation Anxiety Revisited

My colleague Steve Petti runs New Image Media here in Cleveland, specializing in effective video for the web. As part of his content marketing strategy, he’s inviting local experts to create two-minute video bites on interesting and useful business-related content to post on his website under ‘Grow Your Business/Cleveland’. Read More »

Slow Down … You Talk Too Fast!

It’s time to slow you down. An important component of your vocal delivery, your pace or rate of speaking can also impact your audience’s attention, interest and opinion of you. So can your ability to pause effectively. Read More »

Look the Part

Another step in enhancing your Workplace Presenter’s Tool Kit is to polish your facial expression. Remember that your audience only knows what it hears and sees. Not only is your face a great natural visual aid, it can also show nervousness or lack of confidence very quickly and clearly. So … look the part you’re playing – that of a confident and credible presenter.
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Give Them a Hand

I hope you found the recent summary of Gesturing ‘Worst Practices’ an interesting and mildly amusing trip. And if too much of it sounded like you … we have an app for that. So, fasten your seat belts for a quick spin around Gesturing Best Practices and how to give your audience a hand.

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Don’t Hand it to Your Audience

What do you do with your hands as you continue harnessing your physical power on the platform? I get that one a lot. Your maker endowed you with two wonderful visual aids – and what you do, and don’t do, with them says a lot about your confidence and credibility as a presenter.

This month, we’ll summarize ‘Gesturing ‘Worst Practices’ – it should be interesting and mildly amusing trip, unless it sounds like I’m talking about you. Next month, we’ll move on to ‘Best Practices’. Sound like a plan to you?

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