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Why I Hate ‘two (2)’

I recently got a document from a client asking me to review and comment. Happens all the time. My pleasure to be of service. But, this one had the phrase ‘… schedule two (2) planning meetings … ‘. I’m not making this up.

It’s 2024 and people still think they need to tell readers that the word ‘two’ means 2. Most workplace readers know that ‘two’ means 2 – that practice can be insulting or annoying. Or result in a sarcastic ‘Really?’

What to do? … Simple. With numerical references zero – nine, write out the words, as in ‘three weeks’ or ‘eight revisions’. For references 10 or greater, use numbers, as in ’20 team members’ or ’11 percent’. But there’s never a good reason to do it two (2) times. Make sense?

Always Break the Rules!

This ‘WordPower’ feature deals with some rules of grammar and which ones you should consider breaking if you want to enhance your routine workplace writing.

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Choose Wisely!

When you need to send a message via the medium of the written word – email, text or hard copy memo – make sure that it’s the best medium for your particular situation, not the first thing you thought of or the thing you usually think of. To Choose Wisely, review the Workplace Communication Planning Process thoroughly: Read More »

Phil’s Faves – Best Words

If you were a participant in one of in my writing, interpersonal or presentation skill workshops, you’d often hear me talk about the importance of making the extra effort to choose your words wisely:

Go beyond the ‘first word you can think of’ or the ‘word you usually think of’ for this situation  all the way to the ‘best word you can think of’ to accomplish your intended outcome with your reader or audience. 

WordPower – Does Good Writing Really Matter?

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WordPower – KISS Your Verbosity Goodbye

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Why I Hate ‘Unique’

Regular readers know how much I love to rant about ineffective word choices, so please humor me about ‘very unique’. ‘Unique’ can’t be modified. Ever. Period. Therefore ‘very unique’ is wrong, so is ‘somewhat unique’ and ‘really unique’. Read More »

More Workplace Writing Power Points

Several months ago, we launched a new feature of brief Workplace Writing ‘Power Points’. Going forward, we’ll share more of these simple tips to help your writing pass the ‘7-C Test’  and become more Clear, Conversational, Concise, Consistent, Credible, Compelling & Correct. Read More »

Harness the Power of Your Words

Effective workplace communicators and presenters have learned to harness the power of their words. Whether delivering a message over the phone, in writing or in a presentation, effective word choices do make a big difference in how the message is understood, appreciated and turned into action. Read More »

Verbs Beat Nouns

Here’s a Quickie Rant about Making Words Matter that might challenge some of your word use habits, like the one you carried over from those 500-word essay days in high school – Noun Phrases. Read More »