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Why I Love Proper Quotes

I love using quotes in my writing and presentations – I really do.They can add sizzle, credibility or perspective to the message. However, I’m adamant about including author details. 
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Brain Food

Enjoy this little treat for your Tool Kit to enjoy after your Thanksgiving feast with my compliments. I’m so pleased that you continue to value this short and simple feature. And this month’s questions are … Read More »

Why I Love Quotes

I regularly use a lot of quotes in my training, speaking and writing. However, I’m adamant about putting the sources in proper context. Few people are so well known that they don’t need any reference, like Jefferson, Mark Twain, Churchill, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., etc. For the rest, we need to answer the question the readers or listeners often have – ‘So … who is that guy?Read More »

I Don’t Get It – Quotes

I Don’t Get It why people use quotes so poorly! Clients tell me that my use of quotes is effective in my training and speaking engagements and in the articles I write, probably because I don’t overuse them and they relate to and support my content. Read More »

Your Own Words

A regular reader enjoyed the ‘End Strong’ feature piece last month and it prompted him to ask a question. ‘Do you have an opinion on opening or closing a presentation with quotes from other people? I heard long ago that you want the audience’s first and last impressions to be of your own words, not those of someone else.’ Read More »

Masterful Listening

Some gems on listening from Zweifel’s ‘Communicate or Die’.

‘Listening is one of the best-kept secrets of effective leadership … when we speak, we learn very little, because we merely say what we know already. When we listen, we may learn something new, while bestowing on others the gift of our attention. ‘
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Communicate or Die!

‘Communication is the biggest bang for the buck, the highest-leverage return on investment in any organization for the simple reason that it is also one of the most under-researched and under-utilized levers for breakthrough results.’

‘The more effective you are as a communicator, the more powerful you are at producing the results you want – a hallmark of effective leadership.’

‘Communication should never be an end in itself. It is a means to an end. If people can produce the result without communicating, buy all means, let them.’

‘Communicate or Die – Getting Results Through Speaking and Listening’, Thomas D. Zweifel, Ph.D, SelectBooks, Inc., 2003.



Using quotes from experts, authors or famous people is a great technique for adding interest and credibility to what you write, say or present. Just be sure to indicate who the author is when not a commonly recognized person.

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