Feeling captive to all the written communication required of your job? You know how to write. But what if you had the tools to write with more focus, finesse and flexibility? ETC will teach you to create reader-centric emails and routine documents that are clear, concise and compelling. You’ll use your words – and your time – more effectively.

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  • Write Like You Talk

    Learn critical strategies for planning, writing and editing reader-centric reports, proposals, letters and memos. Embrace contemporary Best Practices for email etiquette. Become confident in your ability to use short, simple, conversational and assertive language.

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  • No-Budget Marketing

    Identify simple strategies for marketing your business when you donʼt have the skills to do it alone or the budget to have someone else do it for you. Harness the Power of the Pen, the Platform, and the Pro Bono, along with focused networking and social media use.

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  • Another ‘Power Point’

    Looks like my new Workplace Writing ‘Power Points’ feature is generating some nice buzz.

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