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Another Helping of Your Questions

A holiday treat for you – simple and useful answers to your presentation skill-orientated questions. This month, you asked … Read More »

What to say & not say

The last two issues of  ‘Communicate Confidently!’ discussed the ‘why’ and ‘when’ of managing the audience question process. Today, we move on to the ‘how’ and what to say and not say when responding to those questions. So, learn from these Best Practices for Success: Read More »

Networking Best Practices

Whenever two or more business people are in the same space, they typically network. No surprise there. Here are some Networking Best Practices that will differentiate the networking pros from the networking amateurs.
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Taking the Pain Out of Sales Pitches

Do you experience pain when you pitch business? Do you cause some pain for your customers as a result of those pitches? If you answered yes to either question, then read these 10 Best Practices for creating confident sales pitches.

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Smart Practicing Does Matter

Several site visitors sent in questions recently about how to practice their presentations. I responded to them individually, but thought an overall summary of my comments would be of interest to all of you.

So, let’s assume you’ve planned and organized a world-class audience-centric presentation, created effective speaker support slides and a useful handout. And you’re even ahead of the time line, since the presentation to senior management isn’t for three days.

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Networking Pros are Permission Marketers

Ever meet someone at a networking event who turned you off quickly with a negative first impression?  Or, who really annoyed you with ineffective follow up? I have – lots of times. I call them ‘Networking Slugs’.  They earn that designation for different reasons, but mostly because they don’t practice the simple art of Permission Marketing. Here’s what Networking Pros do to avoid that title.

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Power Networking Strategies

Learn how to network with more confidence – with focus, finesse and flexibility. Benefit from highly engaging discussions of Best Practice strategies and techniques for networking on purpose and for a purpose.

Write Like You Talk

Learn critical strategies for planning, writing and editing reader-centric reports, proposals, letters and memos. Embrace contemporary Best Practices for email etiquette. Become confident in your ability to use short, simple, conversational and assertive language.

Take the Pain out of Workplace Presentations

Become more confident, credible and competent presenters in the workplace by enhancing your skills in planning, organizing and visualizing audience-centered messages. Learn Best Practices for successfully sustaining your skill development.