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An Email Fave

Add this one to your growing list of often-heard comments from my workshops or presentations.

‘The only thing worse than an ineffective email is an effective email that should have been a text, a brief face-to-face conversation or a phone call instead!’

Phil Stella, 21st Century workplace communication expert, executive coach and author.

To Write … Or Not To Write? That is the Question.

Previous articles about workplace writing in ‘Communicate Confidently!‘ have discussed the all-important Pre-Write phase: Plan What You Write. You ask four defining questions about each document before you start writing:
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Clarity & Brevity – They Both Rule! (6/20)

If you’ve begun thinking more about the words you use in routine workplace communication and   presentations – that’s a good thing.  No need to thank me … it’s my pleasure.

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Do Your Emails Suck?

Your routine workplace emails might suck if you ignore the reality that every note you send a customer, colleague or manager can project your image of professionalism, competency and courtesy – or detract from it. Read More »

WordPower – Does Good Writing Really Matter?

This edition of ‘WordPower’ deals with the impact of poor workplace writing skills. Here’s a summary of a conversation I had with a business reporter on this topic. Read More »

I Hate ‘reply all’

I hate being copied on responses that I don’t need to see. I bet you do, too. Someone responds to a question asked in a group email with a careless ‘reply all’ response because they were lazy or inept to do the right thing.
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WordPower – Always Break the Rules!

This month, ‘WordPower’ feature deals with some rules of grammar and which ones you should consider breaking if you want to enhance your routine workplace writing. Read More »

WordPower – Choose Your Words Wisely

This edition of ‘WordPower’ deals with the word choices you make every day – more simple best practices to improve your routine workplace writing.    Read More »

Communicating Effectively with Millennials

(This article originally appeared in the popular Small Business Expert Forum published by   Nationally known PR expert Carol Roth. I’m was thrilled to have the opportunity to promote these concepts in such a respected vehicle.)

While millennials have some generation-specific communication preferences, they have a lot more in common with other generations than differences, except for their use of technology. If communicating with them in your workplace presents a challenge, here are five ways to resonate with your 30-somethings readers. Read More »

‘Phil’s Faves’ on Workplace Writing

Participants in my ‘Painless Workplace Writing’ workshops or presentations regularly hear me repeat simple phrases as a way to reinforce key learning points. So, here are some of my Faves to help you take a little pain out of writing at work: Read More »