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WordPower – Always Break the Rules!

This month, ‘WordPower’ feature deals with some rules of grammar and which ones you should consider breaking if you want to enhance your routine workplace writing. Read More »

More Workplace Writing Power Points

Here are three more grammatically-oriented Power Points to add to your Workplace Writing Tool Kits, for those of you who want to be grammatically correct every time. Read More »

Workplace Writing Power Points – ‘Very’

One of my favorite engaged readers mentioned a one-day ‘English Refresher’ course he took years ago in which the professor stressed never using the word very.  My response was very focused and very brief. Read More »

Another ‘Power Point’

Looks like my new Workplace Writing ‘Power Points’ feature is generating some nice buzz. Read More »

Workplace Writing Power Pointers

Your effective workplace writing should pass the ‘7-C Test’ – is is Clear, Conversational, Concise, Consistent, Credible, Compelling & Correct?  To help you all get an ‘A’ on this test with everything you write, this new series will regularly share simple pointers and tips and also respond to readers’ questions or comments that they generate.

So, let’s start with a few ‘Power Pointers’ to help you be more ‘Correct’: Read More »

Grammar Made Easy … & Fun

Are you having trouble learning grammar? Consider the topic boring and painful?

Let Weird Al help you with this great parody called ‘Word Crimes’

Now … grammar isn’t so painful after all, is it?

Two More Punctuation Friends

Good to know some readers still care about accuracy in their use of punctuation. Thanks for your positive comments. Here are two more little friends  to add to your Workplace Writing Tool Kit:
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Your Friend, the Colon

I was pleased with reader reaction to my recent piece on contemporary punctuation guidelines. Several hoped there would be more. Not to worry … Today, get to know your friend, the Colon, when to use it and how to use it. But first, say hello to it’s little brother, the Semi-Colon. Read More »

Your Friend, the Comma

Regular readers realize that I often rant about outmoded or irrelevant traditional grammar rules in the contemporary workplace. So, it might surprise you that I’d even know punctuation guidelines, let alone share them with readers. Will wonders never cease? That all said, get to know your little friend, the comma –  when to use it and how to use it.
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Reality Check Your Grammar

How many of you liked learning grammar rules in high school English class and follow those rules consistently today? Not seeing a lot of hands going up … and not surprised. Lots of us still bare those painful scars of Sister Mary Apostrophe wielding that yardstick whenever we even thought of ending a sentence in a preposition.

So, let’s briefly discuss contemporary grammar as it affects what you write in the workplace. To provide that grammar reality check, consider these seven points to help you continue harnessing the power of words … grammatically correct words in this case.
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