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Ride up on the Escalator

Take your Elevator Speech to the top floor by converting it into an ‘Escalator Speech’. Assume you’re going down on the escalator as someone passes by you going up on the other one. You only have a few seconds to communicate. So, your Escalator Speech is an even more concise version of your Elevator Speech.

Mine is ‘I empower business leaders to communicate confidently’ Short, simple and likely to generate some questions when the other person turns around and follows me back down. Read More »

Introverts Arise!

Now that many organizations are returning to in-person events, people are getting back into the networking game. I recently got a call from a reader who admitted to being very introverted, but still wanted to improve his networking results. I thought other introverts might benefit from what I shared:

1.   Introverted people have the potential of being better networkers than extroverts … really.  They talk less, but listen more.  They’d rather ask than tell. These are great qualities for a networker who wants to make the best possible first impression when engaging strangers. Extroverts tend to talk too much and mostly about themselves.  They can’t listen effectively when they’re talking all the time.

2.  Introverts should create and practice a simple elevator speech response to the often-asked question at networking events – ‘What do you do?’  They can practice it with friends they’re comfortable with until it is short, focused, engaging and interesting.

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I Hate Networking Slugs … And So Should You

I hate Networking Slugs … I really do. And so should you. They typically create very negative first impressions at networking events by doing lots of dumb things. They probably didn’t plan to behave like Slugs and what they do is often out of mindless habit or lack of focus. But, the results are just as lame … and just as annoying.

Most Slugs are real amateur networkers, but not all. I’ve encountered some veteran schmoozers who elevate Slug Behavior to an art form. So have you. When you see them coming, you turn and run. Or, at least, start talking to someone else.

To help you make sure no one ever accuses you of Networking Slug Behavior, here are five things they do to earn that designation and Non-Slug Alternatives they – or you – should consider instead.  No need to thank me … it’s my job

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Network With A Strategic Plan

Looks like some business organizations are returning to in-person meetings and networking events this year. Be ready for that change by committing to a thorough networking Plan for 2022. Network on purpose and for a purpose every time.

With businesses, failing to plan is planning to fail. It’s the same simple paradigm for networking like a pro instead of an amateur. And it all starts with the reason(s) why you’re networking. Whether you want to learn things to help you do your job better, look for a better job or grow your business, network with a Strategic Plan. Here’s how:

  • Define your specific networking objective(s). As a result of accomplishing them, what outcome(s) will result? A good objective is SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Better to have three different very focused objectives than one all-purpose, vague or generic one.
  • The ‘what’ determines the ‘who’. Who do you need to meet and learn from to achieve each specific outcome? If you don’t know their names, what kinds of people – by function, position or industry – do you need to meet?

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Why I Hate ‘Small Talk

(With many business groups getting back to in-person activities and networking events, it made sense to re-run this piece on small talk. Best wishes for successful schmoozing this month.)

I recently facilitated a workshop on Networking Best Practices. A participant asked about using small talk. After getting input from the rest of the group, I offered my view – just say ‘NO’ to small talk. It doesn’t help you that much. Go for ‘Big Talk’ instead. The rest of my rant …

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A Great Impression Every Time

Now that we’re getting back into more in-person business and networking events, it’s time to revisit Best Practices for making a Great Impression with the people you meet or talk with. The strategy is really simple and easy, yet the devil is in the details of execution. Read More »

Dumbest Networking Question

Many of you were taught that there aren’t any dumb questions. Sorry to spoil your fantasy, but there are plenty of dumb questions.

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Networking with Uncommon Courtesy

Networking with ‘Uncommon Courtesy’ is both simple and easy and can clearly differentiate you from everyone else:

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Your Networking Value Proposition

Let’s briefly discuss your Networking Value Proposition for small businesses.

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I Hate Networking …. and So Should You!

I hate networking. I really hate it. A rather strange comment coming from the self-proclaimed Godfather of Networking in COSE-land. Yes … but let me explain. Read More »