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I Hate Elevator Speeches & So Should You!

Have you ever been at a COSE or some other business networking event and heard an amateur networker deliver an ‘Elevator Speech from Hell’? I know I have. Lots of times. You wanted to hit the emergency stop button and escape that elevator fast. Read More »

LinkedIn Losers

My recurring rants about LinkedIn Losers often generate reader reaction and commentary – both positive and negative. So … here we go again! Read More »

Why I Love ‘Escalator Speeches’

Elevator Speeches – your simple answer to the often-asked question ‘What do you do?’ – are sometimes maligned and often done poorly. But, they’re still a fact of life when you network.

So, that’s why I love Escalator Speeches. Assume you’re on the down escalator as someone passes by you going up on the other side.. You only have a few seconds to communicate, so you must be focused and concise.

Mine is ‘I empower business leaders to take away their pain from workplace communication.’ Short, simple and likely to generate some questions when the other person turns around and follows me back down.

Crafting something that concise is a lot of work, I admit. But, it’s well worth the time and effort if you want to make the Varsity Networking Team.

What To Do AFTER Your Elevator Speech

As wannabe Power Networkers, many of you polish your finely-crafted Elevator Speeches and deliver them with passion and purpose every chance you get. Great. Read More »

A Great Impression Every Time

(Back in May, I lead with ‘Why I Hate Networking … ‘. It didn’t take long for readers to figure out that I really only hate lame, ineffective and unfocused networking. And so should you. Now … let’s get back to simple strategies for maximizing your Networking ROI.)

How do you make a great impression on people every time? The answer is really simple and easy, yet the devil is in the details of execution. Read More »

Don’t be a Card Shark!

I’ve been ranting about business card finesse for over 25 years and I thought by now there would  be no need to keep doing it. I assumed business people would get it, change behavior and stop being card sharks forever. Apparently, that’s not the case … so here we go again! Read More »

Why I Hate Networking … And So Should You!

(FYI … I wrote this for COSE’s ‘Mind Your Business’ blog last month. Enjoy …)

I hate networking. I really hate it. Rather strange comment coming from the self-proclaimed Godfather of Networking in COSE-land. Yes … but let me explain. Read More »

Networking with ‘Uncommon Courtesy’

I used to refer to this concept as networking with ‘common courtesy’. But, just like ‘common sense’, this practice is anything but commonplace in the business world today. One of the fastest and smartest ways to make that best possible first impression when networking is both very simple and very easy. Just display ‘Uncommon Courtesy’ that clearly differentiates you from the pack of amateurs by: Read More »

So Many Events … So Little Time

A reader recently asked how to determine which networking events to attend. That can be a real challenge for busy entrepreneurs or sales professionals. You could easily invest a huge amount of time and money attending different networking-oriented breakfast, lunch and dinner/after hours events every workday, not to mention all the weight you’d gain. So, I turned a summary of our conversation into these 10 Best Practices for how to choose which networking events to attend. Read More »

Networking for Introverts

I recently got a call from a reader who admitted to being very introverted, but still wanted to improve her networking results. I thought others might benefit from what I shared, so here’s the essence of that conversation.
Read More »