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A Great Impression Every Time

Now that we’re getting back into more in-person business and networking events, it’s time to revisit Best Practices for making a Great Impression with the people you meet or talk with. The strategy is really simple and easy, yet the devil is in the details of execution. Read More »

Dumbest Networking Question

Many of you were taught that there aren’t any dumb questions. Sorry to spoil your fantasy, but there are plenty of dumb questions.

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Networking with Uncommon Courtesy

Networking with ‘Uncommon Courtesy’ is both simple and easy and can clearly differentiate you from everyone else:

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Your Networking Value Proposition

Let’s briefly discuss your Networking Value Proposition for small businesses.

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I Hate Networking …. and So Should You!

I hate networking. I really hate it. A rather strange comment coming from the self-proclaimed Godfather of Networking in COSE-land. Yes … but let me explain. Read More »

Don’t Be a Business Card Loser

I’ve been ranting about business card finesse for over 25 years and I thought by now there would  be no need to keep doing it. I assumed business people would eventually get it, change behavior and stop being losers forever. Apparently, that’s not the case … so here we go again! Read More »

Networking Through the Pandemic

Sure, it’s much harder to network when most business events are cancelled and we need social distancing. So, let’s look in the rear view mirror for a change and get back to ‘old school basics’. Read More »

Introverts Arise!

I recently got a call from a reader who admitted to being very introverted, but still wanted to improve his networking results.  I thought other introverts might benefit from what I shared, so here’s the essence of that conversation: Read More »

Elevate Your Elevator Speech

Elevator Speeches … 30 Second Commercials … Shameless Self-Promotions. They’re our typical response to the often asked ‘What do you do?’ We all do them at professional group or networking events. But, most of us don’t do them with enough focus and finesse, so here are some simple and easy strategies to Elevate Your Elevator Speech (ES). Read More »

Why I Hate ‘Small Talk’

 I recently facilitated a workshop on Networking Best Practices. A participant asked about using small talk. After getting input from the rest of the group, I offered my view – just say ‘NO’ to small talk. It doesn’t help you that much. Go for ‘Big Talk’ instead. The rest of my rant …  Read More »