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A Bad Email

Here’s another Phil’s Fave you might have heard in a Workplace Writing presentation or workshop …

The only thing worse than a bad email is a great email that didn’t need to be an email. It should have been a text, phone call or brief face-to-face conversation.’                                                                        

And, you can quote me – just be sure to indicate who I am:

Phil Stella, 21st Century workplace communication consultant, executive coach and author.

Phil’s Faves – Broncos

Looks like sharing often-heard concepts from my workshops and presentations is both useful and interesting for many of you, like this Phil’s Fave audience comment.

Thanks so much for being a bunch of bucking broncos today. It takes a lot of work and effort to keep pulling in the reins on bucking broncos, but it’s way more satifying than constantly trying to breathe life into dead donkeys!’

(Use this one if you like it, as long a you indicate the source.)

Phil Stella, 21st century entrepreneur, workplace communication resource & executive coach

My ‘3 Es’

Participants in one of my workshops or presentations on workplace communication would hear my ‘3Es’ often – be effective, be efficient and be engaging:

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Everything is a Process

Last week, I facilitated a GS 10K Small Businesses module on ‘Strategic Growth Through Operations’. So, 22 previous cohorts and over 650 business owners have heard me say … and might even remember – Read More »

Perception Is Reality

If you ever participated in one of my ‘Make Listening Work’ presentations or workshops, you probably heard me having fun with one of my favorite tongue twisters: Read More »

Phil’s Fave on Great Ideas

 Here’s something you would have heard me say often in one of the 23 cohorts of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses programs I’ve helped facilitate over the last eight years:

How do you tell the difference between a good idea for a new product or service and a great innovative idea? Answer these five questions to find out:

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Courteous Fave

I talk a lot about Uncommon Courtesy in my communication workshops. Here’s something you could have heard in one of the.

 Project uncommon courtesy with every outgoing phone call by saying these five magic words within the first 10 seconds – ‘Is this a good time?                         

And you can quote me –

Phil Stella, 21st century entrepreneur, communication consultant & executive coach

Phil’s Fave – on Time

Sounds like sharing often-heard concepts from my workshops and presentations is both useful and interesting for many of you. This Phil’s Fave is from a time management session –

‘If you paid yourself $100/hour, would you get your money’s worth from each task on your to do list? If not – dump it.’

(And … true to my rant about always identifying the people you quote …)

Phil Stella, 21st century entrepreneur, communication consultant & executive coach

Phil’s Feb. Faves

Another of my favorite … and often-repeated … concepts from my training and coaching engagements:

‘My short and simple definition of success – Do what you love,                love what you do and be good enough at it to support the life you’ve chosen.’

Use with my compliments and stay tuned for more ‘Phil’s Faves’ next month.

And, in case someone asks ‘Who’s that? –

A Phil’s Fave on Time

If you were in one of my Time Management workshops, you’d probably hear me say several times – 

Don’t say ‘I don’t have time‘, because you do have time. Instead say ‘I don’t want to spend the time.’You’re in charge of how you spend your time – no one else is.