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Why I Love ‘Escalator’ Speeches

While I never get tired of ranting about lame Elevator Speeches, I also never tire of sharing effective ‘Escalator’ Speeches.

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One of My Favorite ‘Faves’

You can’t be around me very long without hearing or reading:

‘Don’t tell me it won’t work until you try it and can tell me it didn’t work!’

And use it if you like it … with my compliments.

Phil Stella, 21st Century workplace communication expert, executive coach and author.

Doing Well by Doing Good

Here’s a great idea for distinctive holiday gifts that will set you apart from your competitors. I’ve used this best practice myself and recommended it to my clients. Instead of sending the usual food or SWAG gifts, make a small donation to a local charity in each customer’s name. Better still, find a local charity that they already support if you can.

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A Great Impression Every Time

Now that we’re getting back into more in-person business and networking events, it’s time to revisit Best Practices for making a Great Impression with the people you meet or talk with. The strategy is really simple and easy, yet the devil is in the details of execution. Read More »

Sit … and Deliver?

Last month, our piece on presentation stance drew positive comments from readers. Good to know that its focus on standing clear, standing straight and standing still resonated with workplace presenters.

But other readers asked for some tips when delivering a more casual presentation while seated or in a virtual setting. So, here you are. Don’t thank me … it’s my pleasure.

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Once Is Never Enough – the Power of Editing

The good news about sending emails and texts in the workplace is that you can transmit your messages instantly, saving you time and extra effort. The bad news about those  texts and emails is that you can transmit your message instantly – often omitting reviewing, editing and rewriting. Bad idea.

So, let’s take a moment to review the Power of Editing or re-writing and recommitting to this powerful step in the written communication process in your workplace.

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Why I Hate ‘Phone Interruptions’

Here’s another signature comment:

Please stop saying ‘that phone interrupted me’. No, that call didn’t interrupt you. You deciding to answer that call interrupted you. Accept responsibility for your actions and stop blaming an inanimate object for your problems. Read More »

A Phil’s Fave about Elevator Pitches

Here’s another signature comment you’d hear in any of my networking presentations:

I prefer ‘Elevator Speech’ in stead of ‘Elevator Pitch’:

  • ‘Pitch’ sounds like you’re trying to sell something. Most people don’t like to sell. No one likes to be sold to.
  • ‘Speech’ sounds like you want to share some information.

Even though the difference in connotation is subtle, it can impact the mindset of the person creating and delivering it. So, elevate your elevator speech, not pitch.

Carol Roth Likes My Style

Regular readers may recall that I often contribute content to Carol Roth’s popular e-publications. She’s a nationally known PR and Entrepreneurship expert, speaker and author … and, apparently, a fan of my writing.  She ran my most recent item in her ‘Small Business Tips for Dealing with Customer Complaints’ blog. This is the seventh time I’ve appeared in her blogs in the last three years. Read on …

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Stand and Deliver

How you stand when delivering an in-person presentation can harness physical power and project confidence, credibility and competence to the audience … or not. Because your audience only knows what it sees, your stance can be a great natural visual aid. It can also show nervousness or lack of confidence very quickly and clearly. So … look the part you’re playing – a confident and credible presenter.

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