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Titles Make Me Crazy!

While skimming some LinkedIn postings recently, I encountered an author who was seriously title happy. After his name was ‘… MBA, BA, BS, NP, MPM.’

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A Phil’s Faves About Love

You wouldn’t need to be in the audience for one of my presentation or workshops very long before you heard one of my favorite bits of entrepreneurial philosophy –

     Do what you love and love what you do. All the rest is just details. 

So, are you doing what you love? If not – why not? And how’s that working for you?

Why I hate ‘Quote-Unquote

How often do you hear people use this phrase in conversation, in presentations or even on TV? It’s both incorrect and lame. Remember that ‘un’ means ‘not’ – it doesn’t mean ‘no longer’ or ‘end’ in this context.

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‘Platinum Rule’ Communicators Rule! (6/19)

Many business professionals diligently attempt to practice the ‘Golden Rule’ at work that we all learned as youngsters. A workplace communication version of that philosophy would be ‘Communicate with other people the way you want them to communicate with you.’ Read More »

How Good is Your Greeting? (10/19)

I’m tired of ranting about this issue often in ‘Communicate ‘Confidently!’. Unfortunately, the problem still exists and I wonder if I’m the only communication practitioner who cares. So, here I go again … and don’t try to stop me.

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How Can I Improve My Elevator Pitch?

I get this question a lot. Before I dive into the answer, let me first explain why I prefer “Elevator Speech” to “Elevator Pitch.” Using the word “pitch” sounds like you’re trying to sell something. No one likes to be sold to or to feel like you are only interested in talking with them to make a sale. Read More »

Why I Hate 3 x 5 Note Cards

Very high on my list of Workplace Presenter ‘Worst Practices’ is using the simple, seemingly innocent little 3 x 5 note cards for speaker notes. They’re way too small to be of much value.

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Choose Your Attitude

Regular readers may recall that I often contribute content to several of Carol Roth’s popular e-publications. She’s a nationally known PR and Entrepreneurship expert, speaker and author … and apparently a fan of my work.  She ran my most recent item in her ‘Positive Mindset Tips for Small Business’ blog. 

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Glad to see that readers are enjoying my ‘Faves’. Here’s one you might have heard in one of my workshops or presentations on communication best practices.

Err on the side of over-communicating important messages to increase your probability of success. Because once is never enough!

Phil Stella, 21st Century workplace communication consultant, executive presentation coach and award-winning writer.

Surviving Q&A (10/19)

(Our nostalgic trip down memory lane this month replays a popular 10/2019 piece on surviving audience questions. Many of the best practices still work in the era of Zoom presentations. They’ll all work again when we’re safely back in the land of face-to-face. Enjoy …)

This deep dive discusses how to handle audience questions. What you do … and don’t do … with them has a critical impact on your results, often more than the overall message content itself. Here are some ‘Do & Don’t’ Best Practices to help you Survive and Thrive during the Audience Q&A.

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