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Thanks Again Carol Roth!

Regular readers may recall that I regularly contribute content to several of Carol Roth’s popular e-publications. She’s a nationally known PR and Entrepreneurship expert, speaker and author … and apparently a big fan of my work. And many of her posts are picked up by other major medial outlets.  Read More »

Hiring Good People

I recently responded to a blogger about hiring good people. Here’s a summary of our conversation: Read More »

International Again!

Several months ago, I indicated that I had become a resource for an international business publication. My colleagues at ‘Ignites-Asia’ included some interview comments in their feature piece about how to tell your boss you’re overworked.

They interviewed me again last month, this time for an article entitled ‘Mars vs. Venus: bridging the gender communications gap at work.’ I’ll run some excerpts from that interview next month.

So … hello world!

Presentation Humor

My long-time business chum and engaged reader Jim ‘the biggest name in PR’ Tabaczynski offers these ’36 Obvious signs that you just threw your presentation together’ for your amusement.

Thanks Tabbo …

Dealing with Angry Customers

Of utmost importance is having a well-defined policy in place that senior management participated in creating and signed off on and that everyone who touches customers understands, embraces and follows consistently. Periodic re-training or review can be helpful. Components of that policy should include: Read More »

Improving Office Productivity

In response to a reporter’s recent question about how to improve small business office productivity, I offered these five strategies to consider: Read More »

Get Them at Hi’

One of the most powerful phrases you can utter at work is also very simple – ‘Is this a good time for a …?Read More »

Score with Holiday Cards

Recently, Carol Roth, nationally known PR and Marketing expert, published my contribution to her ‘4th Quarter Business Marketing Tips’ blog as item #14: Read More »

Why I Love ‘Ignites Asia’

Regular readers may recall that I often contribute content to publications of other organizations like COSE and various national blogs whose writers contact me for comments or input. I can now add ‘international’ to my resume, thanks to Selena Li and her Hong Kong-based publication ‘Ignites Asia’.

She was working on a workplace feature story on how employees can tell their bosses they are overworked without sounding whining. Our interview resulted in some of my comments being included in her piece. So, thanks for the international exposure, Selena.



What’s in a Name?

A business reporter recently about the term ‘Motivational Speaker’. I really enjoyed sharing this load of steaming rant. Hope you do too: Read More »