A Great Impression Every Time

Now that we’re getting back into more in-person business and networking events, it’s time to revisit Best Practices for making a Great Impression with the people you meet or talk with. The strategy is really simple and easy, yet the devil is in the details of execution.

  • Talk less, listen more. Tell less, ask more. Actively listen to their words, tone of voice and visual cues.
  • Value their time – keep the conversation short and focused. Defer to a later time if it gets overly interesting or complicated.
  • Ask focused questions about them on a personal or business level. Let them know that you value them enough to remember what to ask about.
  • Compliment a recent award, accomplishment, mention in the media, etc. Also subtly lets them know that you read.
  • Givers always gain – ask if there’s anything you or someone in your network can do to help them with a particular problem or challenge.
  • After the conversation, send a brief email or hand-written note indicating that you enjoyed the chat and look forward to next time.

And if it isn’t obvious by now, all of these tactics work with networking via email or over the phone. The medium of the communication may change, but the strategy of striving for positive first or ongoing impressions remains the same.

Like I said – easy and simple. And don’t tell me these strategies won’t work until you try them and can tell me they didn’t work for you.