If you had attended on of my PhonePower workshops dealing with enhancing your customer experience over the phone, you would have heard some of these Top 10 ‘Phil’s Faves’ strategies often:

  1. Your enthusiastic greeting is very important.
  2. Remember … that’s your job calling, or your mortgage or the kids braces.
  3. Tone of voice is more powerful than words. 
  4. Put a smile in your voice. Callers can hear that … really!
  5. Use callers’ names periodically, but not mechanically.
  6.  Slow down … pause more.
  7. Take good notes and periodically check for accuracy,
  8. Regularly use ‘courtesy’ words, such as ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘you’re welcome’, ‘my pleasure’, ‘I’d be happy to…’, etc, but not ‘no problem;.
  9. Ask good, clear and specific questions. 
  10. At the end, thank the caller, summarize key points discussed and clearly state next steps for you or them.

So, go blow the doors off your next customer phone conversation … turn it into a positive customer experience … and let me know how it went.