Why I Love Simple Marketing

When asked for my #1 marketing tip that is effective and profitable, I indicated mine is neither new, sexy or high tech. It’s old and simple, yet everything old is new again and simple is always good:

  • Adopt a prospect/client-centered approach to marketing. Everything you do you do for them, not you.
  • Provide the kind of programs, incentives and information that they need and want.
  • Communicate with them the way they want you to, not the way you want them to communicate with you.
  • Make it very easy for them to answer their two critical questions:
    • #1 – does your company provide the best product or service they need, want and can afford to solve their problem?
    • #2 – do they feel like they know, like and trust you?

Do all that and they’ll come to you, buy from you, recommend you and become your advocates.

So, how’s that for effective, profitable … and simple?