Naisbitt on Networking

As the self-proclaimed Godfather of Networking’, I’ve often quoted John Naisbitt, author of ‘MegaTrends’ in my articles and presentations. He initially coined the phrase over 35 years ago and his definition still works today in the age of high tech and social media. Funny thing – everything old is new again. So, let’s all learn something old from the master.

  • ‘Networking is a verb, not a noun.’
  • ‘Networking is simply a vehicle for connecting people with one another.’
  • ‘Networking is a powerful tool for social actions – we exchange resources, contacts and information.
  • ‘One of networking’s greatest attractions is that it’s easy to get into.’
  • ‘Networking empowers the individual and people in networks tend to nurture one another.’
  • ‘The important part is not the network … but the process of getting there, the communication that creates the linkages between people.’

So, the next time you go ‘networking’, remember that you should be exchanging resources, contacts and information to nurture other people and create linkages.

John Naisbitt, 20th century social forecaster, author and valued adviser to major US corporations.