Make the Most of Meetings

Treat Workplace Meetings as valuable resources that come with a huge cost. So, as with any resource, make sure you use them effectively and efficiently:

  • Precisely define objectives and outcomes for each meeting. What do you want to accomplish as a result of the meeting?
  • Only invite those needed to accomplish those outcomes. Try copying those only ‘interested but not involved’ people on the summaries.
  • Distribute a detailed agenda in advance. It should include time estimates for each item and who is responsible for it.
  • Start on time and absolutely end on time.
  • Summarize action steps and assignments as needed at the end.
  • Distribute a detailed summary of key discussion points, decision made, action taken, etc. Send copies to those with an interest in the topic but who didn’t need to attend.
  • Periodically evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the meeting process with attendees.
  • Evaluate meeting leaders’ effectiveness in performance reviews.

So, make the most of workplace meetings by treating them as expensive tools and using them wisely.