Hindle Gets Presentations

Last month’s BookShelf entry author, Tom Hindle, offered a simple and fast refresher of 101 tips for creating and delivering presentations. He really gets it, as this sampling indicates:

  • Once you have written your speech, cut it, cut it and cut it.
  • Always remember to talk to your audience, rather that at them.
  • Structure your speech around three or four main points.
  • Make sure your body language reflects what you’re saying.
  • Use simple, concise language whenever possible for clarity.
  • Always close with a good, strong summary.
  • Involve members of the audience by asking questions at regular intervals.
  • Address answers to the whole audience, not just the questioner.

‘Making Presentations’, by Tim Hindle, part of the DK Essential Managers series, DK Publishing, NY, 1998.

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