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Slides … Use Them Wisely!

Let’s assume you’ve just created some Best-in-Class slides – the right number with the right content and the right design – to support your message and add value to the audience experience. Great … now it’s time for you to Use Them Wisely! Read More »

‘Letter B’

Your laptop or PC keyboard has 26 letters on it along with numbers, symbols and punctuation marks. When that computer is connected to a projector to run PowerPoint slides, my favorite is Letter ‘B’. Curious? … read on. Read More »

Slide Into Success

I recently engaged in a lively LinkedIn Presentation group discussion about whether or not presenters should use slides. Here’s a summary of my comments, based on years of coaching executives, for you workplace presenters with similar concerns. Read More »

Slide into Successful Slides

Last time, we discussed how to avoid inflicting ‘Death by PowerPoint’ on your audiences. You should have added a few new or different tools to your Presenter Tool Kit as a result. So, let’s continue the process with a few more suggestions to enable you to Slide Into Successful Slides and maximize your audience-centric results.
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Time for a Change?

Regular readers know how much I love ranting about not letting the ‘Tech Tail’ wag the ‘Presenter Dog’, so here’s another example. How do you change those wonderful audience-centric speaker support slides you’ve created when you don’t have a remote available?

Answer – you or someone has to manually change them, but avoid those annoying or clumsy habits that can really reduce the positive impression you project on your audience or the impact of your message. Consider these lessons learned from some of the Varsity Presenters I’ve had the pleasure of coaching:
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Handouts vs. Slides

A client recently asked me for some advice about a common practice with handouts. He noted that presenters often give audience members hard copies of their slides so they can take notes or use as a handout. Excerpts from my response:
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