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Five Simple Phone Tactics to Overhaul Your Image

Most small businesses facing the challenge of improving their image in the marketplace are starring at major investments of time and money. Properly planned and launched, those investments can earn significant positive results.

But what about the rest of us with similar needs but no deep pockets to pull all that off? Are we doomed to endure the mediocre or amateurish image we’ve created by what we’ve done or not done since we started our businesses? Read More »

Why I Love Uncommon Phone Courtesy

Here’s a simple phone technique that will differentiate you from most other people when you make a simple call. It works very well whether you’re following up on meeting someone at a networking event, returning a call or simply asking a question: Read More »

A Phil’s Fave About Phones

Here’s another example of an oft-heard concept from one of my Time Management workshops or presentations.  

 ‘Don’t keep saying the phone interrupts you. It doesn’t. You interrupt you when you decide to answer the phone. So … accept responsibility for your own counter-productive behavior.’                                        

(And … remembering my rant about always identifying the people you quote … )

Phil Stella, 21st century entrepreneur, communication consultant & executive coach


Harness Phone Power

What you say on the pone and how you say it says volumes about your credibility, competence and confidence. So, harness the Power of your Phone whenever you talk to customers: Read More »

How Good is Your Greeting?

I’m tired of ranting about this issue often in ‘Communicate ‘Confidently!’. Unfortunately, the problem still exists and I wonder if I’m the only communicator who cares. So, here I go again … and don’t try to stop me. Read More »


If you had attended on of my PhonePower workshops dealing with enhancing your customer experience over the phone, you would have heard some of these Top 10 ‘Phil’s Faves’ strategies often: Read More »

Why I Love Caller ID

Is this you? Your desk or cell phone rings – hey, could be a new customer with you next big order. But, you glance at your Caller ID screen and don’t see the name of a person or business.  Read More »

Harness PhonePower

We all spend a lot of time on the phone, talking with customers, colleagues and vendors. Here are some simple strategies to help you harness the Power of your Phone. And we’re not talking about the high tech features of the device – just how you use it as a communication tool. Read More »