Why I Love Caller ID

Is this you? Your desk or cell phone rings – hey, could be a new customer with you next big order. But, you glance at your Caller ID screen and don’t see the name of a person or business. 

What you do see is ‘wireless caller’, ‘unidentified caller’ or ‘toll free call’. You simply let the call roll into voice mail, check it and erase for ever. That sure is me.

Makes it so easy to manage phone interruptions and time wasters. Remember, that incoming call doesn’t interrupt you. You answering the call interrupts you.

So, what shows up on their Caller ID screens when you use your desk or cell phone? If you don’t know for sure, check it out. You might be making the same mistake.

And if you happen to recognize the number with one of those calls, consider telling the caller that the lack of specific CallerID information may limiting their responses. You might even change their life forever … hey, it could happen.