I Hate ‘reply all’

I hate being copied on responses that I don’t need to see. I bet you do, too. Someone responds to a question asked in a group email with a careless ‘reply all’ response because they were lazy or inept to do the right thing.

Recently, I received 12 different emails, each responding to a question about being available for the next meeting that should have only gone to the sender. Duhhh! How annoying!

On occasion, when I let the teenage Sicilian in me out to play, I tell those people how lame their responses are. It feels great for the moment and, frankly, I don’t feel any guilt afterwards.

So, avoid getting one of those ‘hose-a-grams’ from me by never responding ‘reply all’ when none of us need to see it. Now, that won’t be too hard for you, will it?