Masterful Listening

Some gems on listening from Zweifel’s ‘Communicate or Die’.

‘Listening is one of the best-kept secrets of effective leadership … when we speak, we learn very little, because we merely say what we know already. When we listen, we may learn something new, while bestowing on others the gift of our attention. ‘

‘Listening is so invisible that it goes virtually unrecognized. Listening makes no noise, is intangible, and leaves little evidence, while talk is loud, gets attention, and can be recorded.’

‘Although listening is a fundamental skill, we are not taught how to do it. There are very few how-to books and virtually no schools on listening skills.’

‘If you want to generate accomplishment and excellence around you, become a masterful listener. Few things you can do as a leader yield higher leverage.’

‘Communicate or die – Getting Results Through Speaking and Listening’, Thomas D. Zweifel, Ph.D, SelectBooks, Inc., 2003.