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Contagious Passion & Enthusiasm

‘Phil’s expert content coupled with his engaging delivery and speaking style made his Intern sessions lively and interactive. Participants reported taking away a great deal of helpful information that they planned to put to use immediately. His passion and enthusiasm are contagious, and translated easily into an excellent presentation.’

Brenda J. Davis Smith, Vice President, Programs, NOCHE (NE OH Council on Higher Education) /NEOintern

Embrace Referral Power

Marketing research consistently supports the value of referrals. New prospects acquired through referrals from your happy customers generally make purchasing decisions faster, are nearly three times more likely to become your repeat customers, require less investment to make the sale and are twice as likely to make referrals on their own.
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Phil makes a difference every day!

“Phil makes a difference every day! He helps both individuals and organizations to define, refine and promote their brand. If you are facing a communication issue (personal or professional, internal or external), call Phil. I am confident he can help you as I have seen immediate results from following his advice.”

Lamar Ratcliffe, Co-chairman, Cleveland FENG (Financial Executives Networking Group)

Workplace Communication Expert

Phil Stella is an extremely knowledgeable workplace communication expert, an engaging trainer and a focused executive presentation coach. He creates and delivers engaging, audience-centric presentations and he’s a delight to listen to. I enjoy Phil because he practices what he teaches and he’s got a great sense of humor. I would gladly recommend Phil to any organization that is looking to take their training to the next level. Phil rocks!

Lisa Ryan, Chief Appreciation Strategist, Grategy

An incredible vessel of knowledge & creativity

I have known Phil for over 10 years as a faculty member at the University of Phoenix. During that time, he was been an incredible vessel of knowledge and creativity. He is not only a great instructor, but has been a resource for many of the programs we offer at that University of Phoenix to assist our students and faculty improve their communications skills. We have also used his skills in our marketing program to outside organizations as representative of the facilitation style we use in our classrooms.

I asked him to be a presenter at our Job Seekers meetings on How to Build an Effective Elevator Speech. He has the ability to educate in a way that produces quick and measurable results. Our students and alumni seek out his advice and counsel. Phil is a “outside the box” thinker who puts his dreams into reality and encourages others to do likewise.

I am glad to have worked with him and consider him a friend.

Rich Spinner, College Chair, University of Phoenix, Cleveland

The perfect communication trainer

‘If you’re looking for a no-nonsense path to better communication, Phil Stella is your man. Phil has a peerless combination of skills, an easy rapport, and experience grounded in reality. His natural capacity to tune into your issues and your learning style make him the perfect communication trainer to take the stress out of your learning experience, add back some fun, and make every minute valuable. A sensitive and responsive question-asker, Phil is discerning and focused; you can trust him to bring his whole self and experience set to meet your needs while effectively keeping himself “out of the way” of the answers. Whether you’re an executive who needs polish and confidence, or responsible for a whole team’s professional development, Phil’s masterful content expertise and effective facilitation skills are the right tools for instilling confidence, improving skills and informing real business results.’

Halle Barnett, co-owner, media schmedia llc

Dynamic & Energetic

‘Phil is a dynamic and energetic faculty member who relates well to scholars in the 10,000 Small Businesses Program. He has a good sense of the overall program and is great at connecting course material to scholar businesses in practical ways.’

Molly Tyson, Program Manager, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses