The perfect communication trainer

‘If you’re looking for a no-nonsense path to better communication, Phil Stella is your man. Phil has a peerless combination of skills, an easy rapport, and experience grounded in reality. His natural capacity to tune into your issues and your learning style make him the perfect communication trainer to take the stress out of your learning experience, add back some fun, and make every minute valuable. A sensitive and responsive question-asker, Phil is discerning and focused; you can trust him to bring his whole self and experience set to meet your needs while effectively keeping himself “out of the way” of the answers. Whether you’re an executive who needs polish and confidence, or responsible for a whole team’s professional development, Phil’s masterful content expertise and effective facilitation skills are the right tools for instilling confidence, improving skills and informing real business results.’

Halle Barnett, co-owner, media schmedia llc