An incredible vessel of knowledge & creativity

I have known Phil for over 10 years as a faculty member at the University of Phoenix. During that time, he was been an incredible vessel of knowledge and creativity. He is not only a great instructor, but has been a resource for many of the programs we offer at that University of Phoenix to assist our students and faculty improve their communications skills. We have also used his skills in our marketing program to outside organizations as representative of the facilitation style we use in our classrooms.

I asked him to be a presenter at our Job Seekers meetings on How to Build an Effective Elevator Speech. He has the ability to educate in a way that produces quick and measurable results. Our students and alumni seek out his advice and counsel. Phil is a “outside the box” thinker who puts his dreams into reality and encourages others to do likewise.

I am glad to have worked with him and consider him a friend.

Rich Spinner, College Chair, University of Phoenix, Cleveland