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Abbreviate Your Business Writing

I’ve always advocated ‘Less is More’ in business writing. One simple method for achieving that result is … abbreviating.
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A Capital Idea for Punctuation

Here’s this month’s addition to the ‘Mechanics’ section of  your Written Communication Tool Kit – Capitalization:


  • Proper nouns – The names of people, animals, places, days, months, holidays and publications.

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Your Growing Punctuation Tool Kit

Here are two more simple little punctuation marks to add to your growing Workplace Writing Punctuation Tool Kit:
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Your Punctuation Tool Kit

Time to add two simple but important punctuation marks to your Workplace Writing Tool Kits:
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Two More Punctuation Friends

Good to know some readers still care about accuracy in their use of punctuation. Thanks for your positive comments. Here are two more little friends  to add to your Workplace Writing Tool Kit:
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Your Friend, the Colon

I was pleased with reader reaction to my recent piece on contemporary punctuation guidelines. Several hoped there would be more. Not to worry … Today, get to know your friend, the Colon, when to use it and how to use it. But first, say hello to it’s little brother, the Semi-Colon. Read More »