Your Growing Punctuation Tool Kit

Here are two more simple little punctuation marks to add to your growing Workplace Writing Punctuation Tool Kit:


* Use parentheses to enclose incidental information that could be left out. Examples:

    “The meeting (the third one this week) started late.”

    “All employees must be bonded. (This is required by state law.)”

    “Three departments (Accounting, Marketing and Customer Service) had representatives attend.

*  Use parentheses to enclose letters or numbers in lists. Example:

    “Your job includes (1) editing user documentation and (2) Java programming.”

* Put a question mark or exclamation point inside parentheses if it relates to the material, outside if it doesn’t. Examples:

    “You must sign all three copies (or the form will be invalid).”

    “She told everyone (didn’t you hear him?) about the change.”


* Use an ellipsis (three periods) to indicate that some words have been omitted from the quotation. Example:

    The sponsor said, “We believe…that the deadline can be met.”

* For ellipses at the end of a sentence use four periods, that last ends it. Example:

    She said, “We must develop a recognition program….”

For those who want to be accurate and consistent – Happy Punctuating.