Abbreviate Your Business Writing

I’ve always advocated ‘Less is More’ in business writing. One simple method for achieving that result is … abbreviating.

Do abbreviate:

  • Titles preceding proper names – Dr., Mr., Mrs.
  • Titles following proper names – M.D., Ph.D., Sr.
  • Commonly know government agencies and corporationsFDA, IBM, FDIC
  • Common expressionsC.O.D., A.M., P.M.
  • The word “number” when it designates something – Policy No. 479973, Room No. 3
  • Names of states and provinces as part of addressesOH, NY, CA

Don’t abbreviate:

  • Names of cities and states (except when an address)
  • Months or days
  • The words avenue, street and drive (except in addresses)
  • Points of a compass (except for addresses)

 Happy writing … and abbreviating!