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Teaching Customer Service Skills

A reporter recently asked my thoughts on teaching customer service skills to employees with no previous experience. Thought you’d be interested in my comments.

Let’s assume the new Customer Service employees have participated in an effective and comprehensive orientation program about the industry, company and community. Then, they transitioned into an orientation about the Customer Service department, its mission, role, etc. Part of that orientation process should include: Read More »

Ain’t Nothing’ Soft About It

Allow me another ‘I Don’t Get It’ rant. This time …  I Don’t Get ‘Soft Skills’. Read More »

Learning Styles

Not only do we humans have different communication styles, we have different Learning Styles that influence how we prefer to take in information. So, if you’re creating an informational presentation or delivering training, try to appeal to all three types of learners: Read More »

Expert Coach & Facilitator

Phil is an expert coach and facilitator with the ability to customize content to fit the particular participants and to make a professional workshop engaging and interactive. His expertise in training and communication is highly valued by NOCHE/NEOintern. Phil helped to design – and also facilitate – two highly effective and interactive workshops for our interns and their employers that have been a successful part of our Entrepreneurial Internship Program for the past two years.

Brenda Davis Smith, Program Manager, Talent Development, NE Ohio Council on Higher Education

Another Fun Energizer

Several readers commented on how much they enjoyed the ‘Energizers’ from my workshops that I posted last month. So, here’s another one – my favorite. It’s been around for decades, but few people I encounter remember it or how it works. Enjoy!

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Delivering Engaging Training

Enhance your skills and learn critical strategies for planning, creating and delivering engaging, learner-centered seminars and workshops. Harness the power of the ʻADDIEʼ Model – Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement and Evaluate.

Start with the End in Mind

This article is second in a series on audience-centric presentations.

My previous article introduced an overview of Audience-Centricity, the single best strategy for getting into the Presenters Hall of Fame. Now, we’ll begin the process of enhancing your Presenter’s Tool Kit. Some of you will find new tools to add to your kit. Others will find new ways to use existing tools. And all of you can use this opportunity to sharpen all your presenter’s tools for maximum results.

Let’s start with the most critical component for creating Best-in-Class Audience-Centered presentations – Defining Objectives. Most presentations that fail or misfire do so because of poor planning and strategy at this step. You start with the end in mind, as Dr. Stephen Covey teaches us, by defining specific outcomes for your presentation.

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