Another Fun Energizer

Several readers commented on how much they enjoyed the ‘Energizers’ from my workshops that I posted last month. So, here’s another one – my favorite. It’s been around for decades, but few people I encounter remember it or how it works. Enjoy!


1.    Pick any number between 2 & 9.

2.    Multiply that number by 9.

3.    Add the two resulting digits together.

4.    Subtract 5 from that sum.

5.    Convert that number to a letter: I = A, 2 = B, 3 = C, 4 = D, 5 = E, etc.

6.     Think of a simple one-word country that begins with that letter.

7.    Think of an animal that begins with the last letter in that country’s name.

8.    Think of a fruit that begins with the last letter in that’s animal’s name.

‘Now, how many of you have ‘Orange’?’

(No matter what the starting number is, the result of step #4 is always ‘4’, which becomes ‘D’. The only simple one-word country is ‘Denmark’. ‘Dahomey’ isn’t simple and ‘Dominican Republic’ is two words. Of the three typical animals starting with ‘K’ – ‘Kangaroo’, ‘Kiwi’ and ‘Koala’, most people pick ‘Kangaroo’. ‘Orange’ is the only common fruit starting with ‘O’. Cool or what!)