Master Marketing R&R

Time to focus on ‘Marketing R&R’— with every sale or engagement, savvy entrepreneurs ask themselves ‘How can I earn repeat or referral business?’ The answer is easy to understand but hard to do. So, read on for ‘R&R’ Best Practices.

To Ask or Not to Ask?

Two schools of thought here. One says never ask for repeats or referrals. If your customers were pleased enough, they’d do it for you without being asked. To ask for them may even look cheap, weak or annoying. If you concur, good for you. Stop reading now.

I subscribe to the other approach, which says always ask because you always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. If you concur with me, then hang on for a fast ride.

Everything is Earned!

It’s not too hard to make the first sale with a customer. What’s much harder is proving your value and living up to your brand promise enough to make the second, third or fourth sale. So, winning the second sale begins with nailing the first one with these seven tips.

1. Ask good questions and listen to what you hear.

2. Summarize what you think customers want so they know you listened and understood.

3. Be absolutely sure you can do what they want at a competitive, still make a fair profit and enjoy the process.

4. Under-promise and over-deliver.

5.  Always thank them for the business at the point of sale and at the point of delivery if different.

6.  Follow up on their satisfaction.

7.  Keep in touch … unless they ask you not to.

Discuss Other Needs

If you asked enough good questions up front, you should have a good sense for their needs going forward. In a separate email or phone call, ask when you can discuss other needs.

It’s usually with the same decision-maker/contact, but might involve:

  • The same product or service with a different end-user;
  • A different product or service with the same end-user; or
  • A different product or service with a different end-user.

If you learned enough from your initial conversations, suggest some next steps to consider. Be patient, follow up when they ask you to and think yes’ until you hear no’. But don’t confuse ‘no’ with ‘not now … not ever … never!

If you liked what you’ve seen so far, be sure to read next month when we’ll focus on Internal and External Referrals.