Why I Love Networking with a Strategic Plan

As regular readers will recall, I advocate information-based networking. It’s all about sharing ideas, resources and connections with other people and seeking the same for you and your business.

So, start the new year off with a monthly networking objective. Identify specific information you need to find to help you sustain and grow your business. What will help you run a smarter and more profitable venture?

For each month, what information will you seek, where will you look for it and what will you do with it when you find it. Sounds both simple and easy doesn’t it.

In a similar fashion that’s equally simple but not as easy, identify specific information based on your experience and expertise that you could share with other people to help them. What could you share with who and where would you find them. Givers gain and what goes around grows as it comes around.

So, make 2018 your year for Networking with a Strategic Plan and you will quickly start to love it just like I do.