Why I Hate Unidentified Callers

How often do you get calls where your Caller-ID indicates ‘unidentified caller’,’unknown number’ or ‘cellular call’? Happens to me a lot and I hate it. Actually, I should be glad I have Caller-ID to screen theses probably junk calls and help me ignore them. They usually don’t leave a message, either. And the few that do ask me to call them without indicating who they are or why they want me to reply. DUHHH!

I recently got an email from one of these unidentified callers asking why I didn’t return his calls. I indicated that he hadn’t let me know who he was or why he was calling. He then asked that if I knew who he was, would I have taken the call? I couldn’t help myself here … wait for it … and said no, but at least I’d have known who I was blowing off.

Long Live Caller-ID