Workplace Writing Power Point – Short Words

Here’s this month’s Power Point – whenever a short, simple, familiar word is just as clear or clearer as a longer word, use the shorter word. The extra syllables don’t add anything to your meaning and may detract from your image as a real, down-to-earth person. But don’t trade clarity for brevity. Think ‘Twitter’ and save some of those characters for another message.

*  Avoid “big word-ism” whenever possible. Don’t try to impress people with your educated vocabulary. Impress them with your clarity and focus instead. Why use a 50-cent word in a 10-cent conversation?

*  Why use “anticipate”, when “expect” is just as clear, shorter and more conversational. The same goes for “utilize” vs. “use”, “compensate” vs. “pay”, “telephone” vs. “phone” and “individuals” vs. “people”.

Always try to give your readers a KISS – Keep It Short & Simple