Ask Good Questions

Because networking is all about sharing information and asking good questions, here are eight good questions to help you plan your networking events and engage in effective conversation.

  1. When planning to attend a networking event, question #1 is ‘What are my networking objectives?’
  2. Questions #2 – ‘What kind of information will I seek to accomplish those objectives?’
  3. During the event, keep asking ‘Who should I meet that can help me accomplish my objectives OR that I can help?’
  4. When. meeting strangers start with ‘What do you do/does (name of company) do?’  
  5. At the end of a short conversation, ask ‘May I give you my card so we can keep in touch?’ Don’t do it up front.
  6. Upon returning to work, ask ‘Who should I follow up with about what and when?’
  7. When following up by phone, after briefly reminding the person where you met, ask ‘Is this a good time for a brief chat?’
  8. Conclude the brief chat with ‘Is there anything I or someone I know can help you with?’

The answers to the above planning questions will help you maximize your ROI from each event and the dialogue questions will enhance your image as a networking pro.