Clean Up Your Act

How often do you forward an email or reply to one? If your business is anything like mine – lots of times every day. So, it’s probably time for you to consider cleaning up your act. Your email act, that is.

Each time you forward or reply, you send all the previous messages, contact information, disclaimers, etc. That gets old very fast and makes it more work for your receiver to review key parts of your message.

So, take the extra few moments to delete all that useless/unnecessary information and focus the content of that forwarded note or reply on what your reader(s) need to read … and only that.

Your result will be cleaner, shorter and more reader-focused messages … and much happier readers. It only takes you a few seconds and it’s always worth the extra effort.

Full disclosure – I routinely send humorous items or You Tube links to a group of my colleagues and even clean up those emails so there’s no annoying FWD references.

So, clean up your email act – your readers will appreciate your effort.