Making the Varsity Networking Team

Interact enough with members of the Varsity Networking Team and you’ll quickly realize how they got there and what we can learn from them:

  1. Everyone networks, but very few people network with focus, finesse and flexibility. And even fewer with class.
  2. Always network with a strategic plan … then work your plan like a pro.
  3. Networking is all about information. John Naisbit defined it in ‘MegaTrends’ over 30 years ago as ‘ … the exchange of ideas, information and resources.’
  4. That exchange of information can lead to new business relationships, but it doesn’t have to. It can just be about the information.
  5. You can develop a new relationship with someone who can help you … or who you can help. Remember that it’s an ‘or’ … not an ‘and’. One-sided networking relationships are fine if both people are satisfied with them.
  6. Networking isn’t selling or marketing, it’s just networking and sharing information.
  7. Networking at an event is not about how many people you meet or how many business cards you get. It’s not about you, but them.
  8. Power Networkers talk less and listen more, they tell less and ask more. And they operate with uncommon courtesy.

So, practice these skills and strategies long enough and you’ll make the Varsity Team. You may even qualify for the All-Star Team. But, don’t wait too long – tryouts are coming soon.