Pete Prevails: Zooming Through Sales Pitches – II

Last month, we introduced you to Pete Andrews, who was just asked to fill in for a colleague and deliver a Foonman Enterprises important sales pitch … virtually. He quickly reviewed the department’s ‘Sales Presentation Best Practices’ document and made sure he checked all the important boxes. His pitch was ready to rock.

But, he still had to deliver it virtually, so he grabbed his ‘virtual Meetings Best Practices’ checklist they had created when COVID first hit their office. “This should be just like a virtual meeting,” he realized. “But with a lot more riding on it.” So, he carefully went over the checklist.

1. Know the technology.

Check. He was already comfortable with the technology, but he reviewed the tutorials one more time anyway.

2. Use the most updated versions.

Check. Since he had just led Zoom meeting last week, he knew the technology was up to speed and he didn’t need a practice session.

3. Ensure an effective setting.

Check. The lighting and microphone quality in their virtual conference room was top notch with a high speed WiFi connection and phone line back-ups. The background was muted and didn’t distract.

4. Get a good shot.

CheckThey used an external camera. They set it up at his eye level so the shot didn’t include too much ceiling or too much of his torso.

5. Perfect slides and screen sharing.

Check. Pete had created a few effectively designed slides that emphasized key points and he knew how to seamlessly screen share.

He was really ready to rock and roll. He confirmed plans via phone and started Zoom a few minutes early. The pitch was concise, focused, and smooth. The prospects asked lots of good questions and Pete had succinct answers as he had anticipated each one.

He went for the close by asking if they needed any other information to help them decide to work with Foonman. The three prospects on Zoom looked at each other and said the magic words for Pete, “Yes, you have the account.”

So, pitching business should not be a problem if people have a great message and are totally comfortable with the delivery method. Pete certainly was. How about you? Are you ready to Zoom through your next pitch?

(Note – this content first appeared in the Council of Smaller Enterprises ‘Mind Your Business’ e-letter in February,)