Critical Questions About Your Presentations

For the last two years, we’ve been asking critical questions about your workplace presentations and sales pitches and providing simple Best Practices to answer them. 

As you may recall, every issue last yea asked “Does Your ____ Suck?’, where message content topics filled the blank such as audience focus, main point, introduction, summary, visual aids and Q&A. We described what each piece would look like if it really sucked and what to do about it.

This year, we changed tone and featured reader questions such as ‘How can I make my ____ Sizzle?’ Message delivery topics filled that blank such as voice, volume, pacing, eye contact, gestures and movement.  

So, let’s quickly recap what it takes for your delivery to really sizzle:

*. Focused Eye Contact – hold on each face for at least 8 seconds and move in silence.

*. Friendly Face – project confidence and credibility by smiling and looking like you belong in front of them.

*. Engaging Gestures – use your hands to emphasize key points and project more energy.

*. Powerful Movements – avoid swaying and rocking and stand still unless you have a good reason to move.

*. Energized Volume – speak up to project energy and enthusiasm as well as to slow you down.

*. Comfortable Pace – slow down by pausing longer and more often to make it easier for your audience to digest your message.

*. Controlled Q&A – take questions before your summary and provide concise answers.

*. Managed Presentation Anxiety – minimize the specific factors causing your PA and mask the remaining symptoms.

So, there’s your recipe for cooking up sizzling presentations or pitches every time and for turning your audiences into raving fans.