Do Your Presentations Suck?

Based on the positive reaction to last month’s feature, ‘Does Your Marketing Suck?”, we’ll discuss presentations in the same context and style all year. Rather than assume that they do, I’ll ask lots of diagnostic questions so you can decide for yourself if your presentations do suck and, if so, how much.

Thought it was a great way to begin a new year and help those of you with a New Year’s Resolution to take away some of the pain from workplace presentations. And that’s easier to do than quitting smoking, losing weight or exercising more … and a lot more fun.

This year-long series is aimed at you if you routinely:

  •  Deliver informative or persuasive presentations at work,
  •  Support in-house training as a content expert/presenter,
  •  Speak at your professional, business or civic group meetings or
  •  Pitch business to prospects and customers.

If this is not you, kindly pass this along to someone who might find the content useful … thanks.

January’s article will serve as an overture of the ‘Key Themes’ to come all year. That said, your presentations may suck if they don’t:

  • Focus on Audience Centricity throughout
  • Deliver a clear a Main Point with several supporting Sub Points.
  • Start Strong with an emphasis on process and outcomes
  • Develop a Clear Message with strong supporting content.
  • End Strong with a concise summary and call to action.
  • Use Visual Aids to reinforce and clarify content.
  • Harness the power of strong Vocal Delivery – volume, pacing, inflection and pausing.
  • Similarly showcase strong Physical Delivery – eye contact, facial expressions, stance, posture and movement.
  • Maximize value from Audience Q&A.
  • Project an image of Confidence, Credibility and Competence throughout.

Sound like an interesting year’s worth of content to you? Certainly does to me. And if you have questions or need input on specific presentation issues, continue to call or email as before and I’ll respond accordingly.

By year end, you should have enough new or better tools in your Workplace Presenter Tool Kit to take away a lot of the pain you experience with routine presentations and pitches. Don’t thanks me … it’s my job and my pleasure.

Happy Painless Presentations that Don’t Suck!