‘Class Act’ Communication

(A writer recently asked me for a 100-word maximum contribution on differentiation for his communication skill blog. Not easy …  but here goes)

Communicate with ‘Uncommon Courtesy’ to differentiate yourself as a ‘Class Act’. Do so with every message you send to every person every day.

  •  On the phone  – be brief, clear & respectful of their time. Have a caller-centric voice mail greeting. Leave brief and clear messages.
  • Face-to-face – talk less & listen more. Tell less & ask more. Ask good questions to engage others.In presentations
  •  In presentations embrace audience centricity & clarity of purpose. Avoid death by PowerPoint & TMI – Too Much Information.

‘Uncommon Courtesy will add ‘Class Act’ to your brand image and help differentiate you in a crowd. (99 words)