Where do you Network?

As part of my Social Media strategy, I belong to a dozen business-related LinkedIn groups and regularly engage in their discussion threads. It’s a great way to learn new things, share ideas and regularly stay connected with your LinkedIn network through the weekly activity updates.

Here’s part of one of my recent rants in response to a question from a person new to NE OH who asked for suggestions about good places to network.

“That’s way too broad a question. Where you go to network is a function of the kinds of people you’re trying to meet, which is a function of what your specific networking objectives are. So, the ‘what’ drives the ‘who’ and the ‘who’ drives the ‘where’. Indicate where you live and work and what you’re trying to accomplish with who. Then, ask people to suggest specific good groups, events and venues based on your needs and their experiences.’

Your comments or questions on these topics are always – let’s keep some interesting dialogue going.