‘Stellar’ Wisdom

Readers generally like ‘Quote-ables’ – the pearls of wisdom about communication I share from past generations, famous people and business leaders. But recently, a reader indicated she was also interested in what contemporary communication practitioners … like me … had to say based on our everyday experience.

So, here goes … I appreciate her suggestion and hope you will, too.

‘The process of creating effective workplace messages is essentially the same. The variable is the medium you choose to transmit those messages.’

‘Err on the side of over-communicating important messages to increase your probability of success.’

‘Go beyond the ‘first word you can think of’ or the ‘word you usually think of’ to the ‘best word you can think of’ to accomplish your intended outcome with your reader or audience.’

And … true to my rant about always identifying the context of people you quote …

Phil Stella, 21st century entrepreneur, professional speaker and executive coach