And You Can Quote … Me!

I’m thrilled with your response to my latest installment of ‘Quote-ables’ – comments I’ve made for a reporter’s article on workplace communication. Here are a few more gems you might hear often in one of my workshops:

‘The only thing worse than a bad meeting is a great meeting that should have been a phone call! or email instead.’

‘No one should see you first draft of important messages. Everyone will see your final draft.’  

‘Whenever a short, simple, familiar word is just as clear or clearer as a longer word, use the shorter word.’

‘Go beyond the ‘first word you can think of’ or the ‘word you usually think of’ to the ‘best word you can think of’ to accomplish your intended outcome with your reader or audience.’

‘The only thing worse than a bad email is a great email that should have been a phone call!’

‘Everything we communicate at work should be on purpose and for a purpose.’

‘Because perception is reality with audiences, all they know is what they see and hear. If you look and sound like you’re comfortable and competent with your presentation, you are. If you don’t, you aren’t.

And now, you can quote … me!

Phil Stella, contemporary entrepreneur, workplace communication expert, executive coach and author.